About Us

A mother-turned-entrepreneur

Anuchaa Retail as is there in the name is truly the first and only provider of Indian products which tries to conceptualize “CARE and COMPASSION” which is at the core.

Care for the consumer, Compassion for the Weaver, Sensitive towards the suppliers and Care for the country at Large.

Commerce is at the heart of Anuchaa as it should be, but considerations which bothered the promoters to venture in this tough world of Digital space were Loss of Jobs and loss of economic prosperity for the Indians at large due to advent of spaces in digital world which were occupying the universe, and the result was Indians were the biggest losers despite booming market of ours.

‘Be Indian, Buy Indian', Buy Indian may be Inflationary in nature, and may be a dangerous trek to follow when loyalties are dipping and it is this same trek which promoters seek to walk on and bring consciousness to the community at large. Meeta Dandona, founder of the company rather Trustee at her age when most of the dreams have come to fruition as enough sunshine grains one's hair,

to her courage walked into the dark alleys accompanied by Anumita Dandona her Daughter . This is not a venture, but a dream left unfulfilled and it is a promise to all stakeholders to put their trust not only in her name, but in her dreams and prosperity will loom for all and sundry.

Wisely quoted by Oprah Winfrey : Follow your passion – and if you don’t know what it is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.

We, as is clear, commit ourselves to promote only Indian products with complete emphasis on delivering optimum value to our consumers without compromising on anything which is essential to the product. Investors and Promoters have interests in other fields other than eanythingindan.com which is including but not limited to healthcare and exports. Other than the booming E-commerce that they have contributed to, the investors have interests in various other major projects such as contributing in the development of highly advanced cancer devices. These special devices are therapeutic in nature and especially help in the eradication of cancers which are diagnosed at extremely late stages What cannot be ignored is the important investment in the development of Cardiological diagnostic devices. These devices development are the first attempt by any organization in India to venture in this field of research which when completed will usher in a world for poor people of our country who suffer from such draconian diseases.

At Anuchaa Retail, we are ushering in this world with limited options for our consumers and as and truly when your interest in this company starts building up, we want to make it into a truly and first and foremost Indian Multinational. Our evolution was care and we believe in the Continuum of Care. God Bless India and God Bless Indians.